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Julie A. Oliveira

Vice Chairman Kendra Adair

Lori Selleck


Sheena McNeill 



Kingston/1000 Islands Crime Stoppers is looking for community volunteers to become Board Directors to help administer the program’s needs.  We seek active Board members willing to meet and serve on Board subcommittees as well as help organize or help in staffing our events.  Active community leaders willing to find the time to serve with enthusiasm; having proven skills in leadership, sales and marketing, IT, and fundraising are most welcome.

We require members:

  • Who are 18 years of age or older
  • Who are not employees of any law enforcement agency
  • Who are willing to become a DIRECTOR of the Board
As a Director, you would be required to meet once a month to administer the business of the Board.  In addition, as a committee member you may be required to meet more often depending on the duties of the committee.

Please click here to fill in an application request form.

Chairperson’s Message…

Crime Stoppers is a not-for-profit community-based charitable program involving the cooperation of the community, the media, and the police agencies in the fight against crime.  You only have to listen to the news reports over the recent months to know that Kingston/1000 Islands is not immune to murder, major crime, sexual assault, elder abuse, domestic violence, child pornography, robbery, and the list goes on and on….unfortunately.  Crime Stoppers encourages members of our community to step forward with information concerning these crimes, and has become an invaluable investigative tool to our Provincial Investigation Teams.

Based on the simple fact that for every crime that is committed, someone other than the criminal has information that might solve it.  It is obvious that the perpetrators of crime look to commit these acts in secret – taking every precaution not to be caught and make every attempt to conceal their actions.  However, sometimes that someone out there who has witnessed these  crimes, can’t or won’t,  come forward to the police simply out of fear.  We are so glad that Kingston/1000 Island Crime Stoppers is in place in our community to connect with any given tipster, becoming the anonymous voice for these witnesses of crime and for those who can’t speak for themselves, passing along valuable and timely information to the appropriate authorities.   

We would like to thank the Board of Directors and the Civilian Coordinator on staff,  who all work so tirelessly to ensure that this community has a vibrant program.  All of our fundraising comes from the donations of our private and corporate partners within the community, and without your generous donations, the Kingston/1000 Island Crime Stoppers program would not exist.



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